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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shane newsom and dario aguilar are working for someone, frank, but won't say who. (computer trilling) besides the fact they both shot at brad webb, i can't find a common link. so they've both been arrested, right? yeah, but they couldn't have met in jail.
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shane's never been in. suspended sentence. wait a second. horatio, look who dario's probation officer is. neal perkins. tripp: yeah, i met the guy. out of all the probation officers in miami, what are the chances? look, man, call my p.o. get him down here now! there ain't no way i'm goin' down like this. perkins is not gonna bail you out. we know he's the one that made you shoot at webb. delko: pd already spoke to him. you know what he had to say about you? he said, "i tried my best with him, "but he obviously doesn't belong in society. i think it's time to throw away the key." why do you think he wouldn't take your call? he played me, man. yeah. no, no, no. he should be sitting here, not me! only way to make that happen is for you to tell us everything. might even earn yourself some leniency.
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tell me, how does one man get another to kill for him? he said if i didn't kill the dude, vice would find so much coke in my crib, it'd look like little colombia in there. yeah, well, attempted murder charge won't be any better. listen, man, he gave me the rifle and he gave me the ammo. and he said if i got caught, he'd protect me. so who's this guy you want me to cap? tomorrow morning. guy'll be fishing at c-157. he's like clockwork. hey... don't mess this up. that dude was in the boat, just like perkins said he'd be. webb: you okay? and then i saw some other guy on the bridge... my name's brad! what's yours? ...acting all crazy like he was gonna jump,making a commotion. hey, no, do not jump! do not jump! (gunshot) that's it. y'all know everything. now y'all can do your job and go get perkins.
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testimony of a felon's not gonna convince the asa. i don't think so, no. do you have any proof, dario? text message from perkins, anything? no, man, it was all face-to-face. you know, you said he gave you the rifle and the ammo. did he give you anything else? nah, nothing. that's too bad. look, hold up. you guys are gonna tell me that he's gonna get away with this? no, you better hope not. we got one more person we can talk to. so, i know what you were doing at the canal this morning. you heard mr. perkins planning a murder, so you decided to stop it. i didn't want anybody to get hurt because i looked the other way. after that, he put you onto his target. he's always having his probies do stuff for him.
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and if you say no, he'll violate your probation and throw you in jail. perkins actually came to me first about shooting webb. but once he saw i couldn't stomach it, that's when he got dario. but after i tried to stop the murder, perkins just lost it. today he came to my place, and he was really angry. you thought you'd get in the way of my business?! look, i wasn't trying to mess things up. well, you did. now you got to fix it. no. no, i can't do that. you don't and i'm gonna say i found so much cocaine in tracy's car, she's gonna go to prison for 20 years. though i will miss our little "dates," though. look, you leave her out of this! the only way she stays out is if you make amends. time to finish what you interrupted. look, where's the gun? no store gun. it'll tie right back to you.
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you're gonna make one. how am i supposed to that? (gunshots) i missed the shot, and now i can't find tracy. where is the piece of paper now? shane, i need to know in order to save tracy. he told me to fill up the sink and toss it in. so i did. (phone speed-dialing) yes, mr. wolfe, i need you to retrieve something. (siren approaching) (siren passing, fading in distance)
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(sizzling) you think the ink's still viable? if there is any pigment left, it should fluoresce in infrared light. (beep) oh, my god, it worked. grab one of those writing samples we got from probation. duquesne: all right, both have heavy pressure. they both lean vertically to the left. the spacing is the same. wolfe: look at the mid-line on the a's. there's extreme protrusion there. duquesne: it's the same guy. this is it. this confirms perkins made the drawing of the gun. wolfe: so he's trying to kill brad, because it's easier than paying him off. i'll call h. right. (siren wailing)
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(woman sobbing quietly) (sniffles) please don't do this to me. please don't... tracy, come on. please don't. i thought we were past this. tracy (crying): please don't... please... you should know the deal by now. you give me what i want... no, please don't. (sobbing): please stop. hey! get over here! please don't... and you don't go to jail. no! please! (grunts) no! come here! all right. (sobbing): please... don't! stop! please! what the hell?! (grunting) (groans) you... are under arrest for solicitation of murder and rape. you have no evidence. i am loaded with evidence, my friend.
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what are you gonna do? you're gonna kill me out here? you know what? i'm gonna put you behind bars, right next to all of the people you sent there. i'm gonna show you what the next 30 years is gonna be like. and how are you gonna do that? (groaning in pain) (groaning continues) (indistinct radio transmission) (panting) (perkins groaning loudly) aww... (perkins groans) (sobbing quietly) tracy... (crying, sniffling) tracy, you okay? i think so. so, what's... what's gonna happen now? well... for starters, you're never gonna see him again.
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(sighs) okay. (sniffles) thank you. you know how you can thank me? (phone speed-dialing) there's somebody... that you need to talk to. hello? shane? tracy? you okay? i think i'm gonna be. look, i-i tried to stop him to protect you from jail. to do that, i had to do something bad. i'm not gonna be around for a while. (sobs)
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police came here to search for clues sunday afternoon.
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>> when homicide came, they saw some blood at the door. at that point they contacted s.w.a.t. units. police thought the suspect may have been inside, they blocked streets, moved neighbors away to safety and called in hostage negotiators. when they finally where had the apartment, no one was there -- finally entered the apartment, jones was found. police will not say if jones was the suspect they were looking for. we're live in north baltimore, derek valcourt. >> sharon jones worked at baltimore's central books. a person found beaten to death in boston was a teenager who grew up in baltimore. his family says he was trying to get a ride back to baltimore
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but somehow this teenager you are looking at right here wound up dead in an upscale massachusetts neighborhood. police matched a fingerprint taken from the body. an investigation is under way tonight into what caused a fire that ripped through canton and also sent one person to the hospital. several business will now be closed during this long clean up. >> reporter: almost half a dozen homes and business near the gateway to canton damaged by a three alarm fire early sunday morning. even with 90 firefighters on the scene, the blaze grew fast. >> i'm the owner of calvaries hair salon. i've been here for 20 years, i acquired this building from a fire. i never thought after i rebuilt
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it that i would have would be going through this right now. >> the holidays are here, we're going to be doing as much as we can to get the business up and running. >> reporter: the cause of that fire is unknown. extremely tense moments for hundreds of airline passengers after an engine fails midair. more than 100 firefighters were waiting there when that delta flight made an emergency landing. the faa says that one engine did fail shortly after take off. the plane dumped fuel before touching down safely just before 6:00 p.m. tonight. the flight was originally headed to moscow. a protest of new security measures could make this weekend's travels more difficult. >> reporter: transportation security administration is responding to passenger complaints about new security
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measures. the agency send out a press release that says the program is evolving and there could be adjust ments in the future. the statement came after the head of tsa took a pounding about the policies of new full body scans and pat downs. >> we are not changing the policy. >> reporter: admitting she wouldn't want an enhanced pat down. >> not if i could avoid it. no, i mean who would. >> reporter: passenger frustration has grown since the scanners started operating at airports across the country last month. >> i think the body scanners are invasive. i think they show too much and
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not necessary. >> reporter: a national group calls for a national opt out day on thursday. some travelers say the in inconvenience is a small price for safe safety. >> i would rather give up a little privacy than have something happen on the plane. >> reporter: wjz eyewitness news. tonight apparently there's been a little bit of a change of heart. a new statement from the tsa says that agency will now strive to make the security procedures as minimally invasive as possible. but we don't have any other details than that. and tonight, the terrorist group promising more small scale attacks. it's leaders reveal it only cost $4,200 to carry out the
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terror plot. back here in baltimore, damage lingers. now some local churches are reaching out to victims just in time for thanksgiving. tonight gigi barnett has more. >> reporter: sky high chopper 13 is over the scene thursday, after the national weather service confirmed an overnight tornado blew the roof off three apartments in baltimore. >> the three from next door flew into my window and shattered it completely. johnson is the owner of the ebenezer agency.
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she is trying to get back up to help for the holidays. >> the pictures i've seen, it was an absolute war zone. >> reporter: friendship church is a mile from the area. pastor gwen says some of the victims attend his church and this year will be bittersweet. >> we like to sit around and think about turkey and sweet potato pie, but in all of this we have to help cope because there's somebody bigger that helps us. an 11 -month-old girl and innocent girl two victims of an argument that spins out of control. a man stole a girl friend's van with this little girl inside. he then tried to get away from officers by driving down the
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wrong side of the road. the child luckily was rescued from the van, three other people were also hurt. there's been an arrest in the murder of a man of a man who was found inside a box. police say they took 34-year- old marvin polen sia into custody. he is charged with shooting hacobi vasquez then dumping his body near fredrick. the motive for that murder remains under investigation tonight. a tribute tonight to those who gave their lives while protecting the people of baltimore. >> reporter: families of fallen city police officers attended a candlelight vigil at the law enforcement memorial downtown. the department lost three officers last month alone. police say the ceremony is not only about honoring officers legacy, but also about helping their loved ones deal with the
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grief. >> it's to show solidarity and support and our commitment to their survivors. to their wives and sons and daughters and mothers and friends left behind. >> reporter: and the most recent line of duty death in baltimore was october 20th. that's when officer tommy ports was killed in a car accident. some recognition for baltimore city. baltimore has now been named the 11th most dangerous city in the country. according to the cq press we have the seconds highest crime late out of the largest cities in america. we were only beat by detroit. well, could there be, could there be another rematch? former congressman cradovile might try to win his chair back in 2012. representing maryland's first district, he blames his loss to anger against president obama. he says he's received several
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calls asking him to run again and he says that he has not ruled it out. today t-shirts with that catch phrase were for sale. fans know that don't be a jerk is usually on display at the ravens ballpark. good motto. check out the video that made headlines. domino workers caught on tape tampering with food. now they are paying for that sick prank. and you won't believe what happened to that little girl during a family movie night. and the clues police have just uncovered. it is the single busiest day of the year for area farmers. i'm tim williams with more from
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baltimore's historic farmers market. and some warmer air moving back into maryland. we'll have your first eyewitness forecast when eyewitness news returns. ,,,,,,
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it's 49 degrees and partly cloudy. our complete forecast is coming up. they are slipping and sliding
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in minneapolis where freezing rain has turned streets into literal ice rinks. the slick roads caused 500 accidents across the states. most of the crashes were just simple spin outs where drivers lost control, everyone some snowplows you can see here had a tough time driving on these slippery streets. a few of them ended up in ditches. that one just made it. and more than 160 officers are calling this area around the colorado river today, the park ranger was shot three times. he's now fighting to survive. police found the gunman's rifle and a bloody t-shirt but he still managed to escape. right now there's a size of a quarter hole in one family's home. just five minutes earlier, a girl and grand mother were on a
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sofa watching movies just minutes away. >> you would think if they are hunters, they would know not to fire toward a house. it's a pretty disgusting video that became a viral hit on the internet. now a domino's worker is paying for her sick prank. christie namons made this video. hammons did avoid jail time but was banned from working from any place that serves food and drink to the public. we've been telling you about the dangerouses of four
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loko known as black out in a can. last week alcohol wholesalers did agree to stop selling those drinks here in maryland. just in time for the holiday season, the baltimore's farmer's market has now hit full stride. tonight as tim williams reports, it was the busiest day for the market. >> reporter: for many local food shoppers, you can't get over the river or through the woods without first stopping at jfx. >> i'm down here for thanksgiving holiday to get some of the vegetables for salads and just all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: this is the busiest day of the year for the region's farmers. all of them expecting -- >> to go back with an empty truck. >> reporter: shortly after their customers load up. >> there you go, ma'am. >> thank you. >> reporter: for 33 years now, many have shopped local produce for thanksgiving. turnip greens from here are a
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yearly tradition. >> they're fresh and we're supporting our maryland farmers. >> i've bought more things i've never seen the colors of, like purple cabbage. >> i woke up at 1:35. >> what time did you get here? >> 4:00. >> reporter: there isn't a more wonderful time of the year for making some dough for the holidays. the farmers market is here under the jfx until december 19th. from downtown baltimore, tim williams, wjz eyewitness news. great place to get fresh produce. for more information, you can go to their website. don't put away the golf clubs just yet. check out these golfers
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enjoying the weather. >> it was pretty nice out there for a little bit. if you were in the sun. >> it was amazing. i wiz having this conversation, -- i was having this conversation with people, when you have 52 and sun. it's that perspective thing. this is where we topped out. we were very close to our average it was 53 degrees. unless you can cut out of work this isn't going to last too long for tee time. the winds are in the process of turning around to the south. that's because a warm front is coming our way. there are some clouds moving in because of that. tonight we can see fog form. even a little bit of drizzle with the passage of this warm front. by tomorrow afternoon, and places off to the north of us and here comes a new round of warm air. here's the situation when we open it up. here's the front back in here. the warm front is right here. you notice there's a lot of
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cold air behind this. all the blue shopping up on the map. we're going to lock up that cold air at least for the air. and here comes that warm air. tomorrow afternoon we're in the 60s. by tuesday afternoon, mid-60s for our highs. notice just off to the west, here the storms that have been passing by. tuesday afternoon they come our way with a chance for showers or thunderstorms. when that gets out of here that does knock out the storm. thursday into friday, during the thanksgiving holiday time and travel time. and behind that even a round of cooler air. winds turn around to the south and tomorrow afternoon they start to pick up. if there is any fog out there during the morning hours, that's when it will start to mix out. the forecast for tonight. a pretty mild was one out there. other wise mostly cloudy. by tomorrow morning, that will be hanging around if it does form in the afternoon, some sunshine mixing in up to 62
11:33 pm
degrees for our high. 55 on tuesday. gets out of here for wednesday. here comes that next storm wednesday into thursday, over the weekend looks like our highs will be in the 40s. >> chilly turkey day there, bern. check in tomorrow morning, they'll have the updated forecast. and the ravens took a sweet stroll down victory lane. stan will have team reaction and more coming up. ♪ ♪ [ dad ] yeah! [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] achievement gets points for living life. earn pnc points for your credit and debit card purchases. ♪ find out more at pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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